Top 40 best coupon, discount and deal sites

January 16, 2011

Everybody is looking for a bargain, and there are a lot of Web sites to help you connect to the deal that you want. Keep reading to find some bargains of your own.

Here are 40 of the top sites that let you print or download coupons, give you discount codes for on-line shopping, find you special local deals, and generally keep you from ever paying retail. Remember, though, that there are still some retailers that won’t accept Internet coupons. And, of course, none of the deals offered are guaranteed to work as advertised, at least by us.  This site specializes in coupons and deals for parents and homemakers, with the best in maternity and childrens bargains and coupons for grocery stores and drug stores selling the products parents need.  This site offers a wide variety  of coupons, organized by store and category, for both on-line and brick and mortar stores, like Amazon, Kmart, Toy’s’R’ Us, and Best Buy, plus many more.   Surf to this site and click on the Sales & Coupons tab for a list of over 180 storewide sales and coupons from a variety of retailers, which you can sort by newest arrivals, most popular, product title, store name, lowest price, or highest discount.

Ben’s  Ben’s offers a wide variety of deals, but specializes in high-tech merchandise. They have a set of “trackers” which makes it easy for you to find the best deals on the most popular items.  Brad is a semi-famous deal guru, and his site offers the deal seeker a bit of everything for everybody. There are some truly good deals here, hand-picked by Brad.  This is an interesting site in that it gives users the opportunity to vote Up or Down on the deals listed, and the site even features deals found by users, who get free stuff for their efforts.  This is a unique sort of site, offering coupons for the online purchase of a new computer and other consumer electronics. Check here before you buy a computer, pricy peripheral or camera.  Like the site above, this bargains site allows you to vote deals up and down. This one is unique in that it gleans its deals from Twitter users that are sharing them with the world. These folks have coupons for  almost everything, from groceries to meals out  to online specials, all updated three times a day.  This site specializes in listing deals by stores, for shoppers that would prefer to shop in a place they know and love. They have a lot of everything in a variety of stores.  Here is another site that lets you hunt for your favorite bargain by either store name or product category. They also have a “free shipping” category.  Very much typical of the overall coupon craze, this site gives you a variety of ways to dig down into the deals you want to find most, plus a section on active rebates.  Coupon Mom has everything you need to know about learning to use coupons, plus coupons in all of the popular categories, like groceries, restaurants, drugstores, and many others.  This site is a one-stop deal haven, featuring coupon codes, link based coupons, product discount news and sale announcements, with a blog that specializes in travel, online auctions, rebates, and sweepstakes.   This site has mainly grocery store coupons, but there is an enormously wide range available on line here every day.  This site offers coupon and deal searching in almost every way imaginable, and has one different twist: they will send deals straight to your iPod Touch or iPhone, as well.  This is another site that combs the social networking sites to find deals for you, saving you the trouble of searching all the social sites yourself.  Starting with their deal of the day, the editors of this site work to find you the best possible deals from all over the Web and even the non-virtual world of brick and mortar stores.  This coupon and deal site has an almost bewildering number of ways to find deals, including searching by store name and product type, plus a magic search they call the Secret Amazon Discount Tool. This site features deals found by real deal-hunters, just like you, anxious to share the bargain love with people who know a good deal when they see one.  Here is a site that likes to organize things by store names, like Macy’s. Amazon, Nordstrom, Barnes & Noble, Eddie Bauer, and more, or alternately by product category. It’s easy to find the good stuff here.  This site is an aggregator of deals from the biggest and best of the rest, saving you time by giving you a single place to find all of the best bargains.  Here is a site that looks far and wide for the best deals on the web every day, then verifies that you can get those deals before showing them to you on their site, plus verifying that the retailer offing the deal is reputable.  DealPlumber has all of the tools to help you find the bargains that you are looking for. The deals are handpicked and monitored for quality by a dedicated staff of volunteers.  This is a beta site, still getting genned up to full strength, but already able to offer you deals by store, category, and more.  This site claims to offer only hand-picked deals and coupons from America’s top retailers, specializing in well-known stores with well-known merchandise.  This site aims to keep your wallet full of both coupons and money, offering coupons and deals on a wide variety of products, plus seasonal deals and a Community section to keep you updated on the finer points of coupon shopping.  This is a slightly different sort of site, specializing in  coupons for free shipping for internet shopping sites. Check here for a free shipping coupon before you finalize that on-line order!  This site’s motto is “Why pay retail?” and they do their best to make sure you don’t. They track all kinds of stores and merchandise, and have amazing coverage of Black Friday deals.

Groupon-  Groupon is the reigning king of bargain and coupon sites, specializing in local deals that allow you to get a coupon even while you are standing in the store or restaurant that offers it.  This site specializes in grocery deals for you, in your area. Tell it where you live and where you like to shop, and they will provide you with coupons that you can use at your store. Local and personalized.  This is a site with a wide variety of coupons. You can get deals on hotels, pizza, clothing, household goods, and more. Plus, the site has a community section that helps keep track of which coupons are working and alerts you to newly available coupons.  This site makes it easy to search for the coupons that you want, by store, brand or keyword. Or, you can browse trough your favorite stores for bargains.  Another site with a unique idea: tell it the brands and sizes that you want, and ShopItToMe becomes your personal clothing shopper. Worth a try.   Here’s a unique site that lets you add electronic coupons directly to your grocery store’s loyalty / shopper’s card, where they are automatically detected at checkout.  This site frontpages a list of the hottest deals every day, plus offers a set of tools to allow you to find deals in a variety of ways, and also has a deals blog and a forum for members. This coupon site has deals from local stores, online commerce sites, including a wide variety of coupons to print out. You can enter your zip code to see the best local deals.  Just as you would suspect, this site specializes in deals on tech items, from computers to phones to GPS devices. If you’re looking for tech, this is the right place.  Here are coupons from a familiar source: the very same place that you get them through the mail. The site offers a better selection of coupons than they deliver to your door, a little something for everybody.  The best feature of this site is described by them as “The best deals in the world, sorted by newest added to our database” and is even sortable by product type. The site also contains a formidable amount of information on bargain-hunting.

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