Top 40 Best Coupon and Discount Sites

April 21, 2010

Top 40 Best Coupon and Deal SitesOnline shopping is a great way to save money, but you can save even more by using these Top 40 Best Coupon and Deal Sites. There are all sorts of ways to get free shipping, big discounts and you can also get others to help you with your research by using some of the social shopping sites out there.

Brick & Mortar Shopping Offers numerous printable coupons divided up by the style of shopping they are for.  Also includes listings of free samples you can apply for.  Bit heavy on the advertising, so make sure to read everything carefully before you click on it. Offers up Grocery, online and printable coupons as well as a selection of free samples. CouponMom offers printable coupons for grocery shopping and restaurants, breaks them down by state, offers free sample and offers up strategies to get the most out of your coupons. breaks the offerings down by categories, lets you search for local coupons and also offers up a selection of online coupons you can use. Offers up a mixture of coupons for brick & mortar locations as well as online stores. Available for users in multiple countries, MySavings does require you register for free, but offers an enormous selection of coupons. Brings together coupons from multiple sites so that you can get them all in one place. Offers up an assortment of coupons for physical stores as well as online stores, also has a mixture of sweepstakes you can enter and win. ShortCuts allows you to get the coupons yourself, or you can conveniently add them to your savings card from a selection of different grocery store chains. Like CoolSavings, the site is a bit heavy-handed with the advertising, but the coupons are decent and worth the effort.  Again, be careful of what you are clicking on to make sure it is a coupon and not an ad.

Coupon Aggregators Combyo aggregates deals from multiple sites and will also show you real-time price comparisons so you know if it is actually a good deal. A deal aggregator that brings together coupon offers from several sites so that you can find them all in one handy interface.  Allows you to search multiple sites at once to do quick price comparisons and find the best deals.

Online Shopping For nearly a decade Ben’s Bargains has been posting discount codes daily for electronics from various online retailers. Mixes persistent coupons and discounts with special promotional savings. Search the archives of coupons for various online retailers by merchants name or product category. Offers a mixture of coupons for free shipping, free products and discounts from a large selection of online retailers. DealNShop tries to find the best deals from some of the key online retailers and presents them each day. DeaLoco collects together a real eclectic mixture of coupons and then assigns a “grief factor” to each so you know how difficult the offer is to deal with. DealPocket brings together the best online specials each day, and highlights one of them as the deal of the day. is part of the Yahoo Shopping mall, but it brings together coupons and discounts from other sources on the Web. Offers coupons from online retailers and brick & mortar retailers as well as offering a price comparison tool and a few other selected tools. Offers up coupons & cash back offers as well as forums for users to discuss the best deals that they found around the Web on their own. This site has only one purpose and that is to help you make sure you get free shipping as often as possible. Best known for their annual “leaks” of Black Friday advertisements, the site also offers numerous ways to sort all sorts of deals through out the year based on retailers, discounts, free shipping and more. Found in 1995, MyCoupons offers up thousands of stores you can find coupons for.  Also offers message boards for you to discuss additional deals that you find out there. Sort deals by the product type, also use the price comparison tool to see if you’re getting the best deal. Offers up coupons from tens of thousands of sites and all of them are clearly labeled with what the coupon does, what the code is and when it expires.  Also allows you to select from multiple countries with ease. Coupons are listed by date issued and then can sort them by expiration date, vendor and other methods.  Also has forms for more deals. The focus of the site is on price comparison, but it also offers coupons for online shopping.

Social Coupon Sites AgentB offers up deals, rebates and coupons that users can vote on. Sort of a Digg-style idea for coupons and free sample offers where users can vote up the ones they feel are the best deals. You can search the coupons by who submitted them, save them, comment on them, give them thumbs up and a whole lot more. Dealzin brings you the latest discount codes and coupons for major retailers and lets you “recommend” them to other users of the site to determine the best ones. Users can submit deals that they find around the Web, and then others can vote them up if they feel they’re worth everyone’s attentions. Editors and users post deals and then they get voted up by the users in the usual Digg-style. A site just for the Canadians that allows them to vote on the best deals. Allows users to post deals that they found around the Web. You can sort deals about when they were posted or for what site, and then you can mark it as liking it so others can see. A site clearly directed at deals that women will find interesting and tells you how many times each has been viewed which acts as a de facto popularity poll.

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